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Thread: A trip to the nursery

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    A trip to the nursery

    Well, I visited the shop again and it seems like they have not stocked up their plants. This was what I saw. Try guessing these plants! I have also took picture of the foliage for easier identification

    1) Quite sure these are hookeriana.




    5) Only one half dead pitcher on

    6) That peristome A trip to the nursery


    8) This one is REALLY, REALLY hairy!

    9) A big one :>

    10) Looks like Nepenthes Gracilis to me!

    11) Ventricosa, I guess

    12) I particularly like this Hookeriana (I think). The Ampullaria genes in it are really evident!

    13) Different species all thrown into the same pot <3



    16) Well, this plant was here when I visited a few months back, but it is still here!


    18) This one came with a tag!

    19) The ventratas... as usual flooding the place. One pot for about 5-6 usd lol.

    This one is huge!

    20) Biodomes.... So reddish.

    I really like the stripes on the peristome

    21) Not many flytraps... This was the most beautiful one I could find. Really big traps as compared to the others.

    22) Came here just to buy Sarracenia Purpurea! Stuck between these two. I got the left one at last.

    There were more Nepenthes but they seem to resemble each other. I will take more pictures when I make another trip down next month or so! I enquired the days that they restock their plant and it was Tuesday, but I went on Monday, lol.

    Happy guessing!
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    Please tell me that place is in Ohio, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curtisconners View Post
    Please tell me that place is in Ohio, please.
    Nope A trip to the nursery A trip to the nursery. Not even in America, hehe :P.

    EDIT: It seems that Tapatalk cut my post till 13) but I can view everything perfectly using Google Chrome. Try using the web if my post mysteriously gets cut off at 13).
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    1. Definitely hookeriana, some look like they might have some powdery mildew on them.
    2. Too blurry a picture to tell, something with maxima in it.
    3. Looks like glandulifera or more likely a hybrid (perhaps boschiana x glandulifera)
    4. Looks like a chaniana hybrid
    5. I want to go with boschiana, or a hybrid
    6. Too blurry to tell
    7. Another boschiana hybrid
    8. Might be pure chaniana
    9. Another glandulifera hybrid
    10 and 11. Both probably the same thing, definitely NOT gracilis! I would go with merrilliana x campanulata, or another similar, prominent campy hybrid
    14. Truncata hybrid, possibly with boschiana
    15. No clue
    16. Some sort of maxima/veitchii hybrid, probably complex
    17. Another glandulifera or hybrid
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    The one under the text "This one is huge" seems to have caught a stick. Not sure how well it'll digest it or what kind of nutrients it'll get out of it. Maybe that's why it's huge. Never tried feeding one a stick.

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    when stuck between two plants, I usually end up buying both...

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