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Thread: Highland Nepenthes grown in "Inadequate" conditions.

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    That's quite impressive, and your pics are by no means a hijack! Thanks a lot for sharing all this information. Do you grow pure hamata?

    Edit: Never mind, went back and saw you mentioned you have hamata as well. Pics?
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    Phew, oh good!

    I've got two of em out on the balcony. One's unknown origin 'regular' hamata, one's a BE clone 'regular' hamata. RHH is temperamental so I'd stay away from that one unless you've got like... perfectly hl/uhl climate with perfect fogging capabilities, because I think they really need the humidity. I tried and nearly killed the thing (I only grow the survivors, ). One of the best Nep growers I know said they weren't an easy plant.

    With those two of mine on the balcony, I'm sure I'm doing it wrong because it's taken them at least 4 years (maybe more?) for one of them to finally reach wanting to vine. I think my temps might actually be a little chilly for them because they've stayed rosettes forever, not that I'm complaining because the pitchers are gorgeous. At least for me, it's the canary in the mine for 2 things: pests and low humidity. If they start growing funny, time to neem everything because they get attacked first (and for mine it's always thrips). If the humidity drops, you just lost all your pitchers too. I'm sure those things haven't helped them over the years...

    That being said, right now we're enjoying some terrible weepy wet overcast weather so the humidity's 50% so I'm getting some great hamata pitchers on the BE clone. The other one is pitcherless and trying to vine. Here's the BE (I brought it in real quick for a photo op, but in my first group photo of villosa on the balcony with friends, it's above and slightly to the left of the villosa):

    My pitchers are small, a couple inches or so, because of the generally low humidity.

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