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Thread: Potting Q:

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    Potting Q:

    So, my Nepenthes is in a pretty small pot, however, I understand that they can be that way. But what I'm thinking is, if I put them in a bigger pot, won't they grow larger? Or should I keep them in there small pot until they start producing pitchers..?

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    well you want them to grow larger right? If they become root bound it can stunt their growth. However some species can have surprisingly small root systems relative to the plant size. What species of nepenthes are you referring to?

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    Species definitely has a lot to do with what size pot they expect. A lot of highlanders have relatively small roots systems and can stay in the same pot for quite a length of time (rajah and relatives notwithstanding), while lowlanders like ampullaria, rafflesiana, mirabilis, and especially bicalcarata will eventually need huge pots to reach full size (mine are currently in pots of nearly 2 gallon volume, and still not full-sized).
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