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Thread: how do the little guys do it?

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    how do the little guys do it?

    I was wondering those of you that have seen nepenthes in situ, how are the seedlings germinating and reaching maturity in the wild do you think?

    The reason I ask is because it seems I have to be quite diligent with my tiny seedlings and about every two or three weeks carefully remove any of the various sphagnum mosses and small weeds that may have grown over and crowded the small new seedling. Especially my tiny slow growing ones like the SG macros, villosas, and lowiis. How would these small nep seedlings grow and out compete the surrounding vegetation when they're so slow? Also in the wild they would have a lot larger variety of plants trying to out compete them. Not just the 3-4 different types of moss I have growing around them.

    Thanks for any input,

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    In a picture I saw of a lowii seedling, it was growing in low growing moss that I'm guessing didn't do anything fast either

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