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Thread: Light for Nepenthes

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    I'm in the same zone as you and kept my Amps and Bical in a 20G low covered aquarium on a window sill in my bathroom. All the plants pitchered and were healthy. Now I keep them in a greenhouse, but the aquarium worked well. If it looked too wet, I would just crack the lid for a few days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluemoon99 View Post
    I read this somewhere online, so it may or may not be true. The lights I'm looking at are T5HO - I forgot that they were high-output.
    When you say 'limit the heat radiated towards the plants', are you referring to using a reflector/reflective material?
    It doesn't have to be related to the reflector. Some portion of the energy in electricity gets converted to the light, and the rest of energy is "wasted" as heat. This loss could occur in the ballast or in the tubes. Then the heat get dispersed by conduction (e.g. from inside of ballast to the metal surface of the fixture), convection (from heated metal fixture or light bulb to the surrounding air), or radiation (emitted as electromagnetic wave like Infrared light). When I said "limit", I was talking about the radiation part, not convection part.

    When you put the hand close to the light, you can feel the heat. Basically, in some light, heat is emitted (e.g. as infra-red light). To be honest, I don't completely understand why IR becomes heat even though blue photons have more energy (maybe someone can explain it?). People say that HPS throws a lot of heat, and this is the reason. Here is an example of HPS emission, and you notice a peak between 800-850nm: Fluorescent light doesn't have lots of IR, but it does emit some heat. So the amount of heat "thrown" toward plants depends on the emission spectra. Since the emission spectra aren't so different between T5HO and T8, this part shouldn't be so different.

    Sorry this is too much details, and probably derailing the discussion. I'm basically saying the same thing as nimbulan who stated it in a much simpler way!
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