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Thread: Problem with Pitcher

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    My N. Khasiana has one very blackened and dead pitcher, and another one starting that way on the side of the plant that faces my South Easterly facing windowsill
    Could the sun be too strong for the plant?

    I mist the plants as often as poss - in the morning before work, and several times in the evening.
    The soil I keep damp (not wet).
    They are situated on a table in a bay window facing South East in London. It has a tendancy to get a bit hot there sometimes in full sun, but I was under the impression that full sun was OK for N.Khasiana.

    I have moved them to the edge of the table now away from the full sun - so it is now bright but they will now not receive FULL sunlight enhanced through my window glass, but awoke again this am and another pitcher is turning black - does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?
    I was under the impression that there was no such thing as too much light or too much misting for a Nepenthes K....

    Many thanks


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    Hey Jock,

    We're on opposite ends of the world, but over here in southern california a southern facing window has full sun, and all of the heat/intensity. I keep my N. Ventricosa on a northern facing window, it gets full indirect (but bright) sun. I also rotate my pot a 90 degrees every day so that all sides will get a bit of sun without being cooked.

    Also, it could be that your pitchers are dying naturally or from another reason. Can anybody else help here?

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