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Thread: The wait is killing me!

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    Hi Everyone, I have a xCoccinea (thanks Jodajo21!&#33) that is forming it's first pitcher (well, second AND third are also forming). It seems like it's been "inflating" for ever (maybe I'm just impatient). Does anyone know the average time it takes for x Coccinea pitchers to open? It looks so cool right now, all magenta, with a light green lid....I can't wait for it to open! P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-Please open soon!
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    Usually the longer they take to open the bigger the final pitcher will be. I always say "one more day" when I'm watching my lowland pitchers inflate! It's probably on average the same amount of time each time but it seems taht way.

    I have Coccinea and I can't remember cos I never watched the callendar to see how many days exactly. I'd say about 2-3 weeks from inflation to opening. Coccinea and related hybrids seem to have rather short lived pitchers and very thin leaves (one plant you could probably tear up with your bare hands) but they are vigorous growers in the right environment.

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    schloaty, i got 3 cuttingss of them off the same person you did and only one actually rooted and lived. i do have a mature plant that just started to pitch again but, i really didn't count the days to see how long it took a pitcher to open. it does seem to take a long time but, like josh said the long it takes to open the bigger the picher. the pitchers on the one i got are something like 3' tall. cool looking pitchers but, really not my favorite one i got.
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