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Thread: The diff between highland and lowland neps

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    What are some of the mayjoy differences between higland and lowland Neps.? how much different are the environments?
    I can stop growing CPs anytime I want!! Can I?

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    I'm no botanist but my thoughts on the differences as pertaining to Nepenthes is:

    Lowland is hot and steamy with a Relative Humdiity above 70-100%. Temps between 22-34*C or aproximately 74-95*F (temps taken from C. clarkes. Neps of Borneo)

    Highland conditions are different in that the temperatures must be considerably cooler, from 10 - 20*C or aproximately 50-70*F but humidity and airflow must remain higher than in the lowland environments. This is the challenge, in a cool breezy environment the only way I've kept proper humidity/air boyancy levels is to keep the highland enclosure shrouded in fog from an ultrasonic humidifier hooked up to a humidistat which keeps the fogger from running more than necessary.

    hope that helps!

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