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Thread: nepenthes grow

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    hi are nepenthes easy to grow, ?
    do they grow fast ?

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    How easy they are depends on the species. There are over 86 and countless hybrids. Some are easy, fast and forgiving and others are hard, slow and sensitive. All the species you can get from this site are very easy to grow. If you want to know about a specific species or hybrid this is the place to ask.

    Please go to these places for some general information:,


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    Hi there!
    It really depends on what type of Nep it is and what conditions you have it in. if the palnt is in correct conditions it usually will thrive and please you, if not it won't be looking too good in about a week or sooner.
    Lowland Nepenthes- are usually not difficult to grow provided much warm (70-90 F) and humid conditions.
    Intermediate Nepenthes- are also very easy to grow provided with mild conditions 60-80F and high humidity with little flunctuation.
    Highland Neps- are usually the easiest to care for. THey tolerate much cooler temps (50 at least to 80F at most) and tolerate humidity fluncuations with humidity dropping from 80-50% with no super-bad effects.
    Ultrahighland Nepenthes- are usually very hard to grow for some people. They grow in 40-80 F temps and need 100% humdity at nighttime with 40-50F at night also. Misting helps at night. Usually they are slow to moderate growers and take a few years to get suitably sized pitchers. They also may be hard to get ahold of but not to find them, most growers have Ultra's on thier sale list but usually are sometimes sold out, better luck next time! I specialize in this area of Neps so ask me any questions on them.
    Hope this has been of some help to you.

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