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Thread: The deed was done

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    I forgot batteries for the camera but the seperation of the Rajah plant has been done.
    The largest rajah was left pretty much alone I did have to peel off most of the potting moss to reach the attachment points of the babies but I only removed as much as was necessary, I was touching roots however. Then it was placed in a new plastic container with it's original mix (LFS Orchid Bark Charcoal)
    Offset#1 was planted in a mix of LFS, small orchid bark, charcoal and granulated laterite from Aquarium Pharmecuticles. The pot was topped with a sprinkling of laterite on the soil surface so I will wash some small dilution through with each watering.
    Offset #2 was planted in a mix of LFS, small orchid bark, charcoal and Seachems Flourite (which is small gravel made of Mg and Fe). Also a small sprinking of pieces on the surface to allow slow dillution with watering.

    Offset mix #2 was much chunkier due to the size of the flourite. Both plants were put in 4" slotted plastic/plastic net orchid pots and hung from the plastic wire on the back & sides of the tank while the original plant was put back in it's normal position on the bench.
    I did see 3-4 new tiny offsets (1 & 2mm leafs each) on the main plant during this. It seems like this plant is a major offset producer. I wonder if the offsets will do the same?

    I sure hope I didn't shock the main rajah too badly as it was just starting to develop the peltate leaves! Any idea how long it'll be settling back down before it resumes active growth?

    More to come-with pics I promise....!

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    sword sounds like you did a good job. i can't wait to see the picture of the 3 seperated and in there own pots.

    battiers magicly appear in swords camera so he can take a picture or 2.
    George McKay

    In The End We are All Dead

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