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Thread: How important is pot size also moisture indicator"

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    I usually use pots from 6" to 9"-10" for my Neps-even if they're rather smaller plants (i.e immature 3-6" plants), is there any problems with doing it this way? Someone mentioned it might be better if I'd use smaller pots but my hypothesis is that I wouldn't have to repot for a much longer time. But since I'm relatively new to this (only about a year) perhaps in the long run this isn't the best plan.

    Also, I've become worried about possibly overwatering, I keep all my Neps in terrariums, most of which are sealed (the highland enclosure does get more air flow than the others) and the pots have never been "dry" before I've flushed them again with R/O water. is there a moisture indicator that I could put in the potting mix (LFS, orchid bark & charcoal), has anyone used the moisture indicators from the plant shop? Any specific products that I could look for? Like a gradiated indicator?

    Any ideas would be appreciated!

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    Whenever I get a new nepenthes in, especially if it came from tissue culture and is in a cell tray, I keep the plants in small plastic pots, usually 3in. Interesting, though, when I eventually pot the plants up to a 6in. hanging basket, they take off and grow like monsters. There's been some discussion about using baskets and pots that are too big, but I don't see why it would cause a problem. Nepenthes do not need to be rootbound for any particular reason. The only concern, which you hit upon, is that the medium might get too soggy. If you use pots or baskets that are considerably larger than your plant, I would make certain that you use less peat and sphagnum in the mix, and more ingredients like orchid bark and aliflor. Oz

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