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Thread: Holland Hybrid

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    After going to California Carnivores today, I learned a little about that hybrid, and thought I should share. The plant can get very large in a short amount of time( a little over a year). The pitchers get very large, with fat 8 inch pitchers, resembling maxima. I got one today, along with N. sanguinea, N. thorelli x (x wittei), and the hairy form of alata. Do you know how large this form of alata can get?

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    N alata usually does not get very big pitchers like 4 to 8in but the plant itself can get pretty big

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    But, I heard the hairy form is supposed to have larger pitchers than the typical forms.

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    By the way, while looking around on the net, I found that the pitchers of the Holland Hybrid can get to be 14 inches in length.

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