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Thread: Flowers

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    Could I give pollen from different species to one stamen( female flower) each? Meaning, I could have seed of one hybrid, and seed of another hybrid, growing on different flowers on the same flower stalk of a female nepenthes.

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    that would be hard to keep track of which flowers has what coming from it. i would keep a small tag on each flower to remember what is in it. even if it is possible to do.
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    Sure you can pollinate different flowers with different pollen. You can get little tags with string from stationery stores to hang on the flower.
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    So on one female plant, I could have ,like , the seeds of ten different hybrids growing? How cool is that ! Some day, I'm plan on making a well know cultivar .

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    As most flower spikes on Nepenthes are very large it is more than possible to do 20 different crosses on the one plant . I saw a flower spike with at least that many . It was over 2feet tall , and every few inches there was a tag stuck on it with the cross done below . As it flowers from the bottom up , there is plenty of time to collect pollen from your plants and plan the crosses ahead .
    Michael Pascall

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