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Thread: Frozen bloodworm & daphnia for feeding?

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    I was breeding fruitflies for my CPs but my cultures developed mold when the humidity rose with the onset of late spring and early summer in Minnesota.
    But while I was feeding my fish their usual fare of frozen insects and that got my cogs cranking:
    Could I put a few defrosted bloodworms (midge larvae) and/or daphnia (water fleas) into the open pitchers and feed em that way with an eyedropper? I would underfeed so as not to blacken the pitchers but has any of you tried this - what was your experience? I keep my nepenthes in terrariums so unless I put bugs in there virtually none get in.


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    I have dehydrated bloodworms and crickets to supplement the plants during the winter. I figure a little cant hurt.

    In an enclosed system like a terrarium I think it would be a good idea to supplement in some form on a regular basis. It has been my experience that regularly fed plants grow much stronger and faster. Perhaps some of the other terrarium growers can comment on what they do/dont do/ with their plants.
    Is that a Nepenthes in your pocket or you just happy to see me?

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