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Thread: N. rajah

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    i am trying my best to keep it happy. keeping it in the enviroment it requires. i am waiting to get another one or two out of tissue culture to try to grow some that way.
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    I think if I had one( and you guys may think I'm crazy) I'd slowly adjust it to windowsill conditions over a period of 2-3 years. I bet it could work. I mean, I have seen them growing outside before.

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    Quote (nepenthes gracilis @ Oct. 30 2002,9:15)
    It is ok to have your Nepenthes in a tray of water as long as the water isn't very deep. IE more than a 1/4 f an inch is bad for long term sitting in it. Rajah's roots DO need to be kept cool as Spectabilis mentioned and I accomplish this with using light colored pots and ice cubes at nite. Temp in the day for roots should be moderate and the soil shoudl feel refreshing to the touch.[/QUOTE]
    so.................. what you can do is just put a tiny bit of ice cool water to let it sit in

    i havnt gotten a new plant for about 3-4 months now, the last cp i got was the one nep g sent me, the spotted ampullaria, and its growin perty nicely, sent me some live sphagnum too, growin good, i put it around my bic and amp and its spreading nicely, also got some in a 2 1/2 gall terrarium which is growing very good, i am considerign of buyin a rajah, but i dont have the set up, and if i go on vacation ill be screwed, last time i went on vacation most of my plants were dried, my cobra lily and my sundews and droseras died, all my neps are still alive and good, and my flytraps, i get carried away in talking so much,

    but anyway, nice plant
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