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Thread: I guess soil composition matters!

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    ...So I've had about 12 small tissue culture N. ampullaria x rafflesiana for approximately eight months now. They've been under 80 watts of flourescents (about 5500K) in a partially sealed enclosure. They've grown a little over the past eight months, but seem to pitcher perfectly fine. The only thing, however, is that I obtained these plants when I knew VERY little about Nepenthes. I potted them in a 50:50 peat/sand mixture. Recently, I noticed that the soil in the little pots became quite firm over time, and I decided to change them to mostly LFS (cut into roughly one inch pieces) with a dash of peat, perlite, and coconut husk chips. Check out the difference in the latest leaf produced while in the new soil mixture (as compared to the previous leaves).

    I changed absolutely nothing except the soil mixture...everything else has stayed the same and these plants have never been fed or fertilized. The pic was taken two days ago, and the leaf is even bigger now. I just thought this was interesting.


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    A very interesting picture indeed Tom! Goes to show you how important experimenting and tinkering with various cultural conditions can be.
    Is that a Nepenthes in your pocket or you just happy to see me?

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