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Thread: N sibuyanensis

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    Is N. sibuyanensis hard to grow?
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    My experience is that N. sibuyanensis is not difficult to grow,
    provided that one is able to cool it down to at least 15 C for
    several hours at night, and that daytime highs don't exceed
    30 C. It appreciates conditions which most
    other highland Nepenthes enjoy. It is a fairly rapid grower,
    and under good conditions produces relatively large pitchers.
    These observations are based upon 3.5 years experience with
    this species.

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    I agree with Jeff on his thoughts about N. sibuyanensis. I would like to add that for me the tendrils sometimes just sit there a while before forming pitchers. Sometimes the plant has made several new leaves before the pitchers start expanding. Maybe something with my conditions.. I get the same thing on N. ventricosa too. Then all of a sudden the plant puts out a few pitchers all at once.
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    Yes, my N. ventricosa does the exact same thing. Although, it doesn't happen as much with my smaller specimens, it always turns out that way with my large one. He he, 2" to go till it flowers .

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