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Thread: Nepenthes  problem

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    I have some nepenthes in the house, which i have used for cuttings last september. The problem i am having is the cuttings turned black on the tips, even with cutting the black area off it still returned. They are all dead now. And to top it all off the plant i took the cuttings from is also going black at the growing point and stem. i cant remember the plant name but it has small pitchers 4cm high and is rapid growing.
    Does any one know what is causing the black area.

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    Can you give us a better grasp of the growing conditions? Heat, humidity, water strategy, lighting, soil? Would REALLY help to know the species. Rapid growing and 2 inch pitchers sounds like it a vine type plant?
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    Not enough light possibly?

    My N. Ventricosa has a leaf that started to form a pitcher but turned black at the tip. The whole "tendril" is now black. I suspect that the particular leaf was in a position where it couldn't receive enough light to continue growth.

    Maybe you're having the same problem?

    Just a thought..

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