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Thread: Nep cuttings

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    I reiceved an unrooted cutting of Nep Vent. a while ago. I put it in a pot with mileed sphagnum, but after a week or so, I didn't think they were getting enough humidity and put them in a large ziploc bag.

    Now heres a problem. I don't seem to have a green thumb. Most of the plants I get, usually end up dead. Now the bottom of the nep leaves are brown/black, dead...But the top couple are green and brillant. But the stem of the nep is like a yellowish redish color. Is that plant dead or is it going to live?

    If this nep doesn't make it through, I think I'm going to stop my passion for cps, until I know what I'm doing wrong.

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    Hi there,
    Ventrata should root readily enough. However, you were right to put it in a baggie. As cuttings don't have roots yet, they can dry out easily since it's very difficult for them to pull in water, but the leaves still let it evaporate at the same rate. Milled Spagnum is a goot rooting medium for this nep. As long as there is green, there is hope. Be prepared to wait, though, as rooting a cutting generally takes a long time. If you check it every single day you'll drive yourself nuts!
    Make sure it's getting some light, too.
    Questions: was the stem cut on a diagonal?
    Did you put verticle slits in the skin about 1/2 inch long at the cut end? Both these practices aid in rooting (in my experience).
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    I totally agree with Schloaty here.

    For future reference, It makes a big difference and I have found it very helpful to make sure things are clean. To make cuts, I use an x-acto knife that has been dipped in rubbing alcohol (and dried or flamed) to sterilize it, then dust the cuts with rooting powder. Others have use rooting gel. Then I carefully wrap the end with enough damp LFS so that when I push it into a little pot, the cutting doesn't move around. Then into a ziplock back and wait....


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    WildBill just said the most important thing: WAIT! The rooting won't happen overnight, or in a week. The key to these things is patience. Sometimes it's hard to resist the temptation to fiddle with things. Neps don't like that.

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