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Thread: Information request

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    The link that voodoolizard posted is probably the best or one of the best webpages on TC of cps.

    Probably one of the biggest "secret" with TC is to have a right equipment. A laminar flow hood would really come in handy for transfering explants, but most hobby growers do not have access to one of these. A glovebox, terrarium etc. can work well though.

    Noah(on the forums) has years of experience with TC. You guys might want to contact him.

    Has anyone tried the 1/3MS formula for highland neps. listed on the cp database site?

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    I'll be using 1/3-1/2 MS in my first trials just to get the hang of contamination control (seeds). My main concern at the moment is decontamination of explants, which supposedely carry a lot of co-existant disease within the tissue itself. I have about 10mL of PPM that I'm going to be experimenting with to overcome this, but it would be nice to have the help of some-one more experienced to see what they are doing.

    In an enclosed, steralized environment with a UV light I'm hoping not to have to construct a HEPA air blower for my setup. But if neccessary I will.


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