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Hi Dustin,

the N. mira looks less N. albomarginta-ish under natural light. As a greenhouse grower you won't get pitchers and good growth all year round. Especially the higland plants will suffer during summer when you can't control the temperatures as you want. I've visited Christian and Johannes Marabini this year. Both have greenhouses with fantastic adult Nepenthes - but none of them had a functional N. rajah pitcher to show. Below are actual pictures of my oldest N. rajah. I got this plant exact five years ago as a 1.5cm seedling. It is growing better now, but nowhere near your N. rajah or the plant of Josh. It is around 15cm in diamater and on the second picture the big root-system of this small plant can be seen quite well.[/QUOTE]
Joachim, yes you are certainly correct! The evaporative cooler is my life line, or should I say the highlands life line *in the summer months! And now with the addition of a misting system I think I can achive colder air temps with the added fine mist thus more evaporation. So far the best seasons for the highlands are the spring and fall. Summer is ok but I cannot speak for all of them, villosa,diatas,sibuyanensis,mira,inermis,etc haven't been exposed to to summer temps yet. I hope I won't have too much trouble.

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