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Thread: Whats the diff between spahgum and peat moss?

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    For my neps, I use a equal parts of long-fibered sphagnum, orchid bark, charcoal, pumice, vermiculite and just a touch of peat moss. This isn't all necessary, but I have bags sitting around, so I make up a little cocktail. But I always have a top-dressing, the top inch or so, of pure lfs. Since I grow most of my neps on open shelves under a grow light, I like the extra humidity a top layer of lfs gives.

    An excellent easy mix is lfs and orchid bark, say 2 parts lfs, one part orchid bark (or perlite or coconut fiber chips).

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    I think we might be confusing poor wesx with our specialty soil recipes. *[img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif[/img]

    As a beginner with only a few plants and no onhand potting media, one bag of pure long strand sphagnum moss crushed up and soaked in a pail of water will do you just fine and be all you need. You will likely have a lot left over for new plants so don't soak the whole bag! One package of compressed, long fibered sphagnum moss will make a whole lot when you soak it.

    Once you get more plants and experinece and feel like buying a bunch of "ingredients" to play around with soil mixes just be sure whatever you buy does not add any nutrients to the soil. Basically you want a "sterile" soil that will not feed the plants roots at all, just giving them something to grow in. Things like "orchid bark" (tiny pieces of wood), hortcultural charcoal, pearlite (an expanded mineral which is used to create air spaces which allows faster drianing of the soil), coarse sphagnum peat moss, coco peat, coconut husks (used in place of the orchid bark), etc.

    I do not like using a mix of sand and peat because it makes a very heavy soil and I do not think it drains well at all. Infact any plant I've done sand/peat soil with (including pygmy drosera who are said to require this type of soil) has died or needed repotting very quickly. There is really only one good kind of sand to use for this, it is hard to locate and the sand too, must be a non-mineral type so that it does not grow algae or slime molds (or give nutrients to the plant).

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