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Thread: Nepenthes hamata

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    Hi Nepenthes people,

    yesterday I recieved a Nepenthes hamata which was pottet in a very peaty mix.
    I was wondering about this.

    After having experienced what the wrong substrat can cause (my N. aristolochioides started almost imidiatly growing again after potting it in pure sphagnum) I highly appreciate any tips for this species, escpecially from people who are growing this amazing spezies.

    Which substrat should I use ?
    Are there any "special tips" for Nepenthes hamata ?

    Thanks a lot

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    Hi Martin

    I haven't noticed any difference in potting mixxes with hamata. I have some growing in pure sphagnum others in a mix of small coconut husk chips blended with chopped sphagnum and screened perlite. I have had young ones potted in peat blends also. I think which ever you use they like a mix that holds alot of moisture but has good drainage also.

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