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Thread: N. x judith finn

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    I posted a picture a while back of my Judith Finn with a new pitcher just opening up. I put it side by side with a new pic here showing the reddening of the peristome. This is a very cool nep! I was talking to Marilee Maertz of California Carnivores the other day, and she said that this nep (and some others) would be hard to get in the future as the overseas tissue culturers are focusing on Nepenthes that show all their color and splendor as small plants, for marketing reasons. That would really be a shame!

    These photos were taken 16 days apart:

    Malo Periculosam Libertatem Quam Quietum Servitium

    My photos are copyright-free and public domain

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    hehe i just found out that i too have a N. x judith finn when i posted a pic of my nep on the "identify a plant forums". it is indeedie a neato plant. i fed mine an ant the other night for the first time and when i woke up in the morning the beautiful "red lips" were oozing with nectar. they looked like a jello mold or somethin hehehe ahh what the heck i'll post the pic here too
    very juicy N. judith finn
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    I too enjoy the redness of my judith finn's peristome. She's a real beauty.
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