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Thread: What is the hardest/slowest growing

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    here are the Nepenthes I grow guess which plant I would say is the hardest/slowest growing.

    N. alata
    N. albomarginata "spotted”
    N. ampullaria
    N. ampullaria "green"
    N. bicalcarata
    N. campanulata
    N. clipeata
    N. gracilis "typical"
    N. gracilis “nigrapurpurea”*
    N. hirsuta
    N. insignis*
    N. merrilliana
    N. mirabilis
    N. mirabilis ‘echinostoma’
    N. northiana
    N. rafflesiana
    N. rafflesiana ‘Elongata’
    N. rafflesiana 'giant'
    N. reinwardtiana
    N. sumatrana
    N. tobaica*
    N. truncata
    N. veitchii lowland

    N. alata Highland red Striped
    N. aristolochioides (Sumatra)
    N. so (Gunung Merapi, Sumatra)
    N. burbidgeae
    N. densiflora (Sumatra)
    N. diatas (Bandahara)
    N. ephippiata (Gunung Rajah, Borneo)
    N. eustachya red/purple
    N. eymae
    N. fallax (formerly stenophylla)
    N. glabrata
    N. gymnamphora
    N. hamata
    N. inermis
    N. jacquelineae
    N. khasiana*
    N. longifolia
    N. lowii*
    N. macfarlanei
    N. macrophylla (Gunung Trusmadi, Sumatra)
    N. mindanaoensis
    N. muluensis
    N. ovata (Pangulubao, Sumatra)
    N. pilosa
    N. rajah
    N. ramispina*
    N. sanguinea
    N. sibuyanensis
    N. singalana
    N. spathulata
    N. spectabilis*
    N. talangensis (Gunung Talang, Sumatra)
    N. tentaculata
    N. veitchii
    N. ventricosa
    N. villosa

    N. x bicalcarata x ?*
    N. x Coccinea
    N. x Judith Finn
    N. x lowii x ventricosa red
    N. x macfarlanei x ventricosa
    N. x (mirabilis gold x mixta superba)
    N. x mirabilis x Otraniama*
    N. x spathulata x maxima
    N. x spathulata x spectabilis
    N. x Superba
    N. x thorelii x (x ventrata x tobaica)
    N. x veitchii x lowii
    N. x Velvet
    N. x Ventrata
    N. x Wrigleyana*
    N. 6 unknow hybrids

    It is the.....N. ampullaria "spotted” if you can believe that. It has made one, 1/2 inch pitcher in over a year and a half.

    So what is your hardest/slowest growing


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    In our establishment, which is primarily lowland Nepenthes, the most confounding is N. northiana. Some might say N. merriliana, but for us, with only a few plants, they are easy but slow. They definitely have a long root system, and it must be accommodated to grow, but northiana is just plain difficult! Our northianas are in bright shade (same as Phalaenopsis orchids) and the humidity has not dropped below 70 percent all summer long (or ever, as I recall). They are watered with RO. They are potted in our typical mix, which contains no perlite. They get misted three times a day, yet never enough to allow the mix to get soggy. I would think our conditions are perfect, but they slowly produce one leaf at a time. The good news is one of the plants' new leaf has the tendril tip starting to hook and swell. Maybe a pitcher!! We anxiously wait to see. If these things weren't so beautiful, I wouldn't bother...but, therein lies the challenge!


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    my slowest is the judith finn, then my ventrosica, then truncata, then raafflesiana, then bical, then ampullaria, then mirabilis, then gracilis

    from slowest to fastest

    and dude you got a ton of neps!!!!!!!
    Expression = Maneuverability x Coiffure squared

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    Hi Stefano and others:

    I am surprised that your ventricosa and truncata are very slow growers. Mine grow very fast, however, in winter time, they slow down!!. so depending on the conditions that you grow them, you'll get variations in the speed they grow!!

    I would say Lowii, macrophylla, Northiana, merrilliana and so on. Another thing, i would like to clarify is when somebody says "the hardest to grow", what does it exactly mean??

    Does it mean the slowest to grow?? or does it mean the most difficult to keep it alive??

    Lowii for example is a very slow plant, but relatively easy to maintain, as long as the obvious conditions are met!!


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    Hmmm...I would have to say that my truncata puts out leaves the slowest...but they are also observe the greatest increase in size from one to the next, so I guess that means it grows at a medium speed...

    My x 'judith finn' and merrilliana put out leaves and pitchers quite readily, but they don't increase in size too much at all. I think this is most observed in the merri....

    My tobaica has been slow, but I damaged it's roots a little while ago, which explains that.

    But the winner has to be my ampularia. Darn thing put out leaves like a snail, and they also don't increase in size very much.
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    hmm schloaty so your N. ampullaria is very slow growing also. Do you know how long it usually takes for one leaf with pitcher to be grown?

    N. northiana has been very slow for me also about 1 leaf in 2 months but is getting faster.

    macrophylla I thought N. macrophylla would be very slow but it is doing about 2 1/2 pitchers ever month which I think is nice and fast.


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    N. villosa is the slowest I grow second to N. truncata and merrilliana. Even tho N. truncata is slow it is VERY progressive when it does move! N. merrilliana is a mystery plant....very picky in my care and one of the most difficult plants to grow I think. In comparison to N. rajah or N. villosa (which are easy in my opinion) N. merrilliana is hard. N. madagascariensis is tough too. But I hope to have a nice heated lowland chamber in the future. Another slow grower is N. veitchii but since it is getting quite big (around 8 inches across) it is like truncata, slow but progressive.

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    Fastest: N. Gracilis "NigraPurpurea"
    Slowest: N. Truncata, N. Rajah

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