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Thread: New growth points out of dormant nodes?

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    My 1st post must have gotten lost with the change over.
    I believe I've read (somewhere in a bonsai forum) where as a tree grows there is a hormone released that stops bud formation lower on the truck. I think I've read where people have made a small cut into the truck just above the bud, and it will start to grow. Maybe this would work on a neps node? I have not tried it yet.

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    the easy answer is no, because it doesn't need to. It's linked to the main rootstock and has no need to create it's own rootsystem.

    However, some people have tried "air layering" to try and force the cutting to root while it was still attached to the mother plant.

    Really all the fuss about Nep cuttings being hard to root is silly. I have rooted everything from Ventrata hybrid (said to be "easy") to N. rajah and N. macrophylla (said to be "hard") all were the same, easy! IF you have good growing conditions of continuous high humidity and bright lighting there is no reason you shouldn't be able to root a section of SOFT green vine off a Nepenthes stalk (or tiny basal rosette) in a small pot of moist pure long fibered sphagnum moss.
    Only old hard stalk from the lowermost portion of an old vine or brown "woody" stalk will usually not root or grow.

    If you do not have high humidity (90%+) then you should wrap a clear baggie over the small pot with the cutting in it and this will keep the humidity very high.

    The soil for cuttings does not need to be wet, there are no roots for the cutting to absorb water anyway, simply letting it be moist is enough at this stage. You should mist the leaves oif the cutting every couple days. This is how the cutting can absorb water and not wilt until it sends out the first few pioneering roots into the new soil.

    You do need to have bright lighting for cuttings (but don't let them cook in the baggie-like a vegie steamer) as the tiny section of stalk will not sustain the small plant long in dim lighting conditions. New growth will be leggy and limp and may not grow at all if the lighting for cuttings is inadequate.

    I hope that helped some!

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