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Thread: Nepenthes alata cuttings

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    I am thinking about cutting one of my N. alata plants back. It has grown about 10 inches since I bought it last month. I can lower the hanging basket to allow more growth, but I do not want the plant to get huge at this time. I have about 6 inches that I can cut off.

    What I am hoping to have happen is that I can get at least 2 cuttings from the plant. I am also hoping that the plant will send out side shoots and bush out some.

    The method I am planing to use for rooting the cuttings is to take 6 nodes off the plant and divide those into 2 equal cuttings. About 1/4. 1/2. and 1 inch above the cuts I will be making slits in the stem for root production. I will be soaking the cuttings in a solution of SUPERthrive for about 15 minutes. The cuttings will then be placed in perlite and enclosed in a clear plastic bag to keep humidity up. This method was described on a CP listserv. I forgot to bookmark it, but I did print the text -- without the address "doh!"

    Is it too early/late to take cuttings and will this method work?



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    Sounds good. Just make sure the cuttings do not dehydrate in the perlite. Make sure they and MOIST!!!!! Also, cuttings can be taken any time of the year BUT Spring,early summer are the best. You can still cut them however.

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