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Thread: Nepenthes alata cuttings

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    I am thinking about cutting one of my N. alata plants back. It has grown about 10 inches since I bought it last month. I can lower the hanging basket to allow more growth, but I do not want the plant to get huge at this time. I have about 6 inches that I can cut off.

    What I am hoping to have happen is that I can get at least 2 cuttings from the plant. I am also hoping that the plant will send out side shoots and bush out some.

    The method I am planing to use for rooting the cuttings is to take 6 nodes off the plant and divide those into 2 equal cuttings. About 1/4. 1/2. and 1 inch above the cuts I will be making slits in the stem for root production. I will be soaking the cuttings in a solution of SUPERthrive for about 15 minutes. The cuttings will then be placed in perlite and enclosed in a clear plastic bag to keep humidity up. This method was described on a CP listserv. I forgot to bookmark it, but I did print the text -- without the address "doh!"

    Is it too early/late to take cuttings and will this method work?



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    Sounds good. Just make sure the cuttings do not dehydrate in the perlite. Make sure they and MOIST!!!!! [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif[/img] Also, cuttings can be taken any time of the year BUT Spring,early summer are the best. You can still cut them however.

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