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Thread: This nep needs a doctor!

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    This plant arrived as a rather fresh potted cutting, probably had been potted two months prior to my buying it with leaves about 10 cm each but no pitchers (just burnt tendrils). It was sent packed in shreded newspaper, no baggie to retain humidity just a box full of shreded paper with a plant tucked in. The first few leaves it made were normal but pitcherless The first pitcher it made is the second image above. The next pitcher was the first image above, the third is the navel orange shaped one I described. The fourth a dry lidless tube and the next pitcher buds are only 1/2 covered in flesh then there is a white stalk sticking out. After the 1st leaf each after that was smaller and closer together, the leaves appear healthy and green and with no weird deformities other than their incredible shrinking size...

    This plant was placed in my small plant LL tank next to my others like northiana, mirabilis, bical, ampullaria, raff, eustachya, etc. Temps are 70-75*F nights / 85-95*F days.
    This 75 gallon fishtank gets 240 watts of flourescent light. All plants show signs of leaf reddening (not burning) from intense light and very colorful "perfect" pitchers on all other plants.
    The humidity is 80-100% at all times.
    I have not been fertilizing any of my Nep plants for several months (slips my mind) so it hasn't been OD'd on fertilizer or any other chemicals by me.

    Of the possible scenarios it sounds like either temps or a genetic/viral infection. It would be easy enough to set it in the HL tank but if it ends up not being temps and it is viral can it possibly effect plants it's sitting next to or touching?

    If there is any chance of infecting my other plants I'd rather destroy this one cheap new plant now than risk any transmission to my other plants, which are priceless. After all, the growing time and care... and electric bills! [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Swords, I got one just like yours back in April at Lowe's. The pitchers were mashed up against the sides of the clear plastic cup and deformed like the one's shown in your pic. I attributed it to being constantly wet with no air circulation and in low lighting conditions. Mine is growing in lowland conditions and the newer pitchers now have properly formed lids. Funny thing, is one of the older pitchers is much like your pic, but the filiform is hanging from the bottom of the lid on one of the older pitchers. Looks kinda like a bical with only one fang.
    Given some time, I think the pitchers will develop ok.


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