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Thread: Judith finn

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    Hello again,

    I wanted to thank every one for their patience and advice with all the newbie questions I have been asking. I picked up a copy of " The Savage Garden" so hopefully that will help out.

    On that note here is another question. I just got in the mail a Nep. Alata and a Nep. Judith Finn. I have been able to find allot of info on the Alata and think it would do fine in the same tank as my ventricosa however can any one tell me about the Judith Finn? Is this a high or lowland and how would it do in the same conditions as the other two plants.

    Thanks again

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    N. Judith Finn is an intermediate/highland hybrid. Mine is doing so much better once I put it into highland conditions in June. Basically since June the plant has doubled in size and pitchers have tripled in size! I bought some N. Jfinns in January of this year this plant has gone from 2 1/2 -3" across to over 12" across in less than one year in. The new pitcher which is getting ready to open will be 5 inches high and I hear they can be twice that!

    If you are keeping your N. ventricosa and N. alata in intermediate/highland conditions then you can keep this with them. My N. Jfinn did not enjoy lowland conditions for more than a few months before it started making funny (deformed) leaves and pitchers. If you force a plant to live outside it's environment it can become sickly and eventually die so I had no choice but to "move it or loose it".

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    to compair notes here i keep my judith finn outside here in florida but under a tarp to block the afternoon sun and it has been doing just great as long as i keep the soil mix wet & mist it every morning. but just latly it has been getting chilly outside so i think that it's helping it alot to.
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