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Thread: Some neps coming in the mail

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    I ordered a bunch of plants from a German guy back in june and he just sent them the other day....
    He said the US distributor would forward them by mid-end of this week. I think all the plants will be completely dead cos it is 0*F here now....
    I told the guy back in Sept it was not a good idea to ship here in winter but here we are 3 months later with him telling me they are coming between 12-3 to 12-6!!!

    Anyone have experience receving or sending plants by mail in winter? I sure hope he won't charge me for a box of expensive frozen lettuce!

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    Hi Josh,

    Andreas normally does know what he does - so don't be to pessimistic. If you run into trouble with these plants, he for sure will replace them. He is normally quite generous (at least from my very good experience ).


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