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Thread: Mystery sumatran nep

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    although no expert in Nepenthes identification at all I also think it is closely related to the N. bongso - N. ovata - N. singalana group. Identification at this very young stage of growth is almost impossible from my point of view. The seed is wild collected, so it may also very well be a hybrid, which won't make it easier to identify.

    The peristome of Tony's and Rob's plants are quite different in shape. Judging from the pictures of adult plants, I would guess Rob's plant is even more likely a N. ovata than Tony's plant - Which I also expect being labeled correct of course!

    Sadly very few pictures of different clones of these very variable Sumatran species are accessible. The book of Clarke is great for sure and I really love it. Sadly he only shows one single lower pitcher of most species. From my point of view the pitchers shown are the most impressive ones he found. I believe not all of them reflect the typical appearance of a species well. I.e. some of the N. singalana clones being available over here show virtually no similarity to the picture of N. singalana in Clarke's book.


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    More pics YAY.. had to use the flash though as the weather is rather miserable today. *Note that pitcher size is from the base of the pitcher to the point where the lid connects to the top of the peristome.

    N. bongso pitcher approximately 2.5"(6cm). *I took this one to show that at this point there appears to be nothing protruding at the base of the lid. *The pitcher opening is also wider and rounder in shape. *Color is not set yet since this pitcher is fairly new. *It will be dark purple soon.

    Picture of the N. bongso plant. *I took this one to show the more spoon shaped leaf particularly where the tendril attaches it appears more round than in the N. ovata I looked at.

    Large pitcher on N. ovata.. still don't see much of a crest under the lid on this plant. Pitcher approx 5" (13cm). *Also appears to me the pitcher opening is taller and narrower with more of a tear shape to it. *This pitcher will darken more and the peristome will reflex still.

    Picture of the large N. ovata plant. *Took this one to show the leaf tip being much more pointy and extending out onto the tendril more. *I looked at the other N. ovata from the same source and they all appeared to have this leaf shape.

    Pitcher from a different plant (same N. ovata source) which is showing a slight crest. *Approx. 3" pitcher (8cm).

    I do have N. ovata and bongso from other sources but plants are small and show little differentiation. *Perhaps the crest only develops on large mature plants if it is going to develop at all. *As plants get larger it will be easier to compare between different sources as well.

    What I find interesting with Robs plant is the peristome appears smoother with less pronounced ridges and teeth. The upper portion does not appear narrow and elongated. As well as no stripes on the peristome and purple blotches inside the pitcher.

    Is that a Nepenthes in your pocket or you just happy to see me?

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    Thank you for all the photos and ideas everyone. *I've been off the forum for a while due to pressures of work * [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/sad.gif[/img]

    Here are a couple of new photos of the same plant whose photo was originally posted above. *The photos were taken about 10 days ago and were taken approximately 2 weeks after the original photo:

    whole plant: *

    and a close-up of the pitcher:

    As you can see, the color has changed a lot since the original photo two weeks before. More like Tony's plant now. I'll be up in the highlands again in about a week when there should be a new pitcher on that plant yaaaay!
    Rob Cantley
    Nep Nut in Sri Lanka

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    Looks like Nepenthes gracilis, but then again so do all Nepenthes. [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif[/img] Seriously though, that's a nice plant. Robert, do you ever see Drosera when you're out in the field or is it only when you get back and you're picking their remains out of the cracks in your boots? Sorry if my post seems unusual - we had a very small CP gathering this weekend and no matter how hard I tried to change the subject, the conversation kept going back to those darn Nepenthes. What's a Drosera grower to do?!
    PS friends, if you're waiting for a package from me, it won't be long!

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    Hi all:

    I was wondering what you were doing in this forum, Sundew Matt. Since it is very obvious that you hate Nepenthes!!!!!!!.


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