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Thread: Nepenthes pot mix

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    My N. Coccinea has been potted in it's mixture for 1 year since my grandma bought it for me from the local garden center. It is a heavily peat centered mix, I think and I'm wondering how long I should leave it in this mix until it is no longer usable? It has just stopped growth for some reason, no change in light, humidity or any other factor and I'm wondering if it is time for a repot into pure LFS.


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    If it is peat based, then peat will compact and waterlog over time. 1 year is just about the limit if nothing but peat is the soil mix. if perlite or chopped sphagnum were in it, then you could probably leave it. Also since growth has stopped the roots may be becoming suffocated by stagnant/heavy soil.

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    Really hard to say.. there is no set time limit on how long a plant can stay in one pot without repotting.

    If the mix still looks good and fresh.. ie not broken down and mushy. Not crusted with dried salts etc.. then it is probably not the mix.

    I am guessing that it potentially just a rootbound situation. N. xCoccinea are pretty strong and fast growing plants, in a years time it could have outgrown the pot if there was not a large amount of room initially.
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