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Thread: Nepenthes ventricosa

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    How do I diagnose the problem? What type of pest control should I use? Thanks.

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    Quote (Tim @ Dec. 08 2002,10:20)
    On my radar, that's about 95% mites. When and if you spray, spray everything

    You have had a lot of mites haven't you, lol!

    Mites are sort of a pain because a lot of them hide. If you don't have good vision, get a good magnifying glass out and look at the undersides of the leaves at night with it and a flashlight, mites are fast so they are hard to ketch in the act. It could also be a root infestation of some thing so if you don't see mites consitter that. Their may also be a fungi or insect to blame. I guess if I where you, I'd put a butterwart or sundew next to it and see if they ketch an creapy crawlies you missed finding. If they don't ketch anything, but start to get ill, you probubly have a fungus, if they don't ketch anything but seen just fine, your plant is probubly ticked about it's growing conditions [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif[/img] Hope thats helpfull.


    P.S. I don't know if Neps can handle soapy water, but if they can, a good dousing with some can usually get rid of most parasites.
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    The insecticidal soaps have a certain number of carbon atoms in their molecules which can kill many insects, IIRC 17 or 18. Some of the mites you can't see, and soap wont get many either.

    And yes, I've had a lot of mites. And I hate them. Commercial ag has put the bread on my table for years, and I doubt that anyone else here with my experience is particularly fond of them. Fungus doesn't usually deform new leaves. That comes from micronutrient defeciencies like zinc, and mites, especially the kind that hide in growing tips and don't venture out to play with pings and so forth.

    BTW a fungicide would help, as well as an aracacide, because anything weakening a plant will let fungus spores in. They constantly hang around floating like microscopic happy faces waiting for opportunities.

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    I was reading about N. Ventricosa, (im going to get one soon!!! [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif[/img] ) and i found an article that stated alot of highland neps can easily get root mites (or was it worms?). Anyway the way to kill them is to uproot your nep, look to see if in fact there are any, and if there are, soak it in a fungicide. I can't remember where I read that or what kind of fungicide to use, but I thought I may be of some help,
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    If your problem is mites, you "might" try using Orthene. Follow the directions. Good luck.


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    Thanks. I guess I'll unpot it then check the whole plant to figure out just what the problem is. And, I'll probably spray for mites anyway.

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