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Thread: Hard water

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    Can I take it that the calcium and sodium etc.. in the water that cause the burning of the immature pitchers rather than the pH of the water itself? I mean you can change the pH easily, but not the actual salt content.

    I guess there's nothing you can add to tap or well water that will bind up the salts so the plant's can't take it in?



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    I don't know. I do know that mineral content, chlorine, chemicals used to treat water, as well as the ph play a role in how much your plants are going to like the water.

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    Burnt/shriveled pitchers can be a lot of things, light (not enough or too much), humidity (not enough when the light is at it's brightest), not enough water in the soil in general, being sprayed with too much high strength fertilizer will also do it as will rapid drastic temp changes.

    Well water or City water generally has too much minerals and sodium ions to use as your sole neps water source. You should shoot for 100 ppm total disolved solids or less, most tap water is between 300-500ppm tds. My own is extremely high in sodium evident by a low PH and extremely high KH/carbonate hardness. I'm getting a Kent Bare Bones 65 GPD R/O unit for a hundred bucks from Marine Depot. I know this will be the end of my lugging 10 jugs of water home from the grocery store every week so it will be well worth it!

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