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Thread: N. Judith Finn

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    It seems like a lot people grow this plant and every one grows it differently. Is any one having very good results with there growing method? I'll be the first to share: I grow my plant in intermediate temps. I have it standing in about 3mm of water. I allow the water to dry out for a couple of days before I put more in.(I only do this for this hybrid, not all my neps) I get about 1.5 leaves out each month. They all have pitchers on them.

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    It sounds like you're growing it well . They seem to prefer intermediate to highland conditions.

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    The Judith Finn in my highland enclosure is about 7" across with 2"-3" pitchers, the two I have in the lowland setup are about 6" across and the pitchers don't color up as well as the one in the cooler setup-if I had room I'd move them in there but unforunately....

    It seems that every Judith Finn photo I see looks different. and mine are different than any of them! But the Judith Finn hybrid is between Nepenthes veitchii and Nepenthes spathulata both highland plants and appreciate such conditions.

    Perhaps we could all share pics of our Judith Finns? Mine look different than any pics I've seen.
    Here's my best one (I wish it wasn't so fuzzy but my digital camera sucks):

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