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Thread: Type of bulb

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    Any home improvement store or hardware store sells them. They look like a big lightbulb with a tightly twisted fluorescent coil. Sometimes there is a cover over them sometimes not. You can screw them into any regular lightbulb socket.

    The aluminum reflector is something you can get again at any home improvement store or hardware store. It is basically a light socket with a metal reflector and a base that looks like a big set of tongs.

    They are better because fluorescent lights are more efficient so cheaper to run, create less heat, and produce more blue light than incandescent which is more beneficial to the plant. Warm white is not an indication of how much heat the bulb puts out. It is a general term for the color of the bulb. Warm light has more red/yellow in it which gives everything a 'warm' rosy glow. Plants mostly use blue light for photosynthesis. So a cool white bulb is preferable since it has more blue than the warm white type.
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    type in ALminium reflector on google image and you well see why. the reflector reflecs any light that goes to the sid of the coolwhite bulb so all the ligh goes down to the plants and does it work.
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    sounds good i will buy this stuff soon as i have some cash.

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