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Thread: I can now take good pictures!

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    Thanks George! I always try to find the cheapest but most hassle free way of getting things done. I even plumbed my old reef tank with a DIY wet dry, skimmer, etc and things were just fine (except the ongoing cost of 100 lbs of sea salt mix every two weeks-getting laid off from my job last Nov. made my reef tank go away). It's also a lot of fun to construct your own devices, but (there's always a but) it can end up costing you twice as much if you build something and it doesn't work and have to go buy a premade commercial equivelent.
    I can't take all the credit on the cooling/humidifier though. Tony P was the one who told me to try the humidifier output intersecting the A/C air before it reaches the terrarium after I had posted about my hamatas closing their lids. I had the humidifier hose running independently of the A/C duct but aparently it wasn't enough to have the air mixing in the terrarium, it needed to be mixed before entering the terrarium. Now all is well and each leaf develops pitchers - except for that cursed bongso x maxima hybrid which is supposed to be a highland hybrid...! [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif[/img]

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    thats no problem just giving credit where it is due. what seems to be the curse of the bongso x maxima. the bongso is highlander for shore. maxima well depends what one was mixed w/ it. the maxima i got is pretty desent grower. don't have the bongso so really don't know but from reading up on it a little it is a slow grower. one thing i did notice about the hybrids that they grow faster when it is colder here outside. so if ya got it in a highland talk make it a little colder in there and see what happens or check to see if one of the other plants is blocking its light or just the other way around
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