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Thread: Strange growth

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    I was just about to put up that site too! Hehehe! Mindmaze, I would personally (if it is your only Merrilliana pitcher) uncover it slightly. Just so that you have an active pitcher to give the plant some nutrients then you can let your other pitchers do what they want to after that. Just a suggesstion. [img]http://www.**********.com/iBhtml/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif[/img] And I am happy to announce I will get my very first Merrilliana pitcher soon! My old Merrilliana that was super-shocked came back through! I now have 2 Merrilliana's! Cool eh?

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    thanks mindmaze that helped alot

    whats the runner and side shoot? is the side shoot a new leaf comin out and the runner is a baby sorta? and i have been meanin to ask, do neps only grow from seeds or if my ventrosica grows really big will ir sprout a baby or 2 next to it? the the adelae and it has its babies under the leafs? if that is so thats cool, it has been buggin me for a bit

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