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Is this the same amount of light all the plants are getting? How many watts and lux are those three bulbs combined? It sounds as if the terrarium is almost dark. What specifically is the UVB light for? You would do much better with six 40 watt flourescents or many more power compacts.

Nepenthes need a LOT of light to perform well, the more light the better. Do not believe the lowlight species hype, this simply means they can tolerate it, I do not have any neps who like less light. I use as much light as I can possibly fit over their growing environments this reduces leaf size (temporarily) and increases pitcher size and also adds a lot more color and vigor to your plants. *Just be sure to increase the humidity levels in good light (meaning seal the gaps).

It is not wise to increase humidity in a dimly lit environment because that can lead to fungus and diseases so if you plan on making it wetter make it brighter at the same time.[/QUOTE]
My ventrata is outside....I've been spraying it heavily every night lately and so far it hasn't aborted it's pitchers....So i'm hoping to finally have more than one! I never heard any lowlander hype about light...It get's a new pitcher a week..so I'm happy with the set up..I can't fit 4 over a 5 gallon tank.... only 2..I think the combined lumens is maybe 6k-8000 The UVB light really isn't for anything...It's been spent and it producing any UV is doubtful it just gives off light now...
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