Hi Josh,
Yah, have been busy making carnivorous babies. Yes human baby . I'm not surprised that anything in your high tech chambers is growing and pitchering profusely...

Hi Rob,
We have been in Sibuyan for our new year celebration. Well, just so happened. And yes, this means December-January and quite an awful lot of rain. The wind felt like behind a jet engine, together with the rain more like being in a car washing center without car.
Given this wonderful conditions, were were not able to proceed (after reaching Mt. Mayo summit) or do a lot of exploration, we even stood one day less at the peak than planned. Well so we missed N. argentii. It's also hard to find I guess. Anyway I will return one peaceful day in (not this) May. It's just 16 hours by boat from here.
I saw also one or two Utricularia species. One is AFAIK Utricularia striatula which seems to be very common to many waterfalls of that island and there was another one that had a flower like U. sandersonii close to the summit of Mt. Mayo. Cannot find out what species that was.
Your Nep. sibuyanensis looks great!! My 'mountain location' is only 80 m, hehehe. I guess I can be happy if I see some small crippled pitchers...