I have an N rafflesiana var. gigantea that is growing really nicely (its about 18 in in diamiter). It was making a new pitcher, which it had stopped doing for a while after a cat ran across it. Well, I put up a fence around my plants, and cats can't come into it now, but caterpillars can. Some bug had sucked the lid while it was forming, so it opened slightly. The caterpillar hid inside and maimed everything around the peristome and lid. it looks loke ####, but I'm leaving it cause the caterpillar left presents in the pitcher Which the plant can still benefit from.

On top of that, caterpillars attacked my alata, sanguinea, mirabilis 'winged', x margaretea, x. dyeriana, mindaneoensis, and my leuco seed pod.

I also had a cat sleep, YES SLEEP!, on my new rafflesiana 'elegance' (this is what promted me to put a fence around the table my plants are on). That same cat has treaded over my northiana, bicalcarata, x atro sanguinea, veitchii, merilliana, and killed my first raff giant and bical.

When I first started, birds pulled out my merilliana about four times and cats treaded over it. Its actually still alive, though it is less than 3 in. in diamiter after about two years. However, its actually starting to grow well now.

I hate it, because I've probably killed fewer of my plants than these evil creatures have.