Thanks everyone.

Definitely 100% ventricosa. *The grower is local and they have 2-3 forms of Vent, from the one I pictured which is red, a lighter almost green form with light red spots and then a possible third form that is red UP and green LP. *I've only seen small plants of the third and it MIGHT be closer to ventrata (ssems more elongated) or it just may be the semi-juvenile appearance of one of the other 2 forms.

It's actually from a *specialist nursery. *They have all forms of collectible plants such as CPs, orchids, bromeliads, etc to things like gem stones and crystals. *They grow most of their own CPs. *There range of Neps is very limited at the best of times to a few hardy species and hybrids of. Plus they do have some good size plants at times.

Very true. *I do find even the most common of Neps exciting so long as it equals yet another plant to the collection. And yes, Vents are one of my favorites too.

You are right. *Others that were there did have basals and the ones I have already at home (which are smaller plants) also have basals. *For whatever reason this one has not yet, but that MIGHT explain why it is vining so nicely (i.e. all its energy in to vining instead of producing basals?). That's also why I chose it. There was one that had a longer vine but is was all bent over on itself and I like the vertical habit of the one I got.

That pitcher is actually pretty small for this form. *The one I've had for a while is producing pitcher up to about 13-14cm (5.5") and they are still getting larger each pitcher. *So give it a month or so to settle in and get pitchering again and that's what I'd expect from this one.

As for health of the plant... It's 'pretty' good. *I'd give is 8 out of 10 compared to the others I have of the same type. The conditions that they are kept in are not IDEAL, but not the worst either. *The plant is a tiny bit pale/yellow, but that should correct itself pretty fast once in the higher light of my glasshouse and after a few feeds of crickets when some new pitchers open for me.