For quite some time, I've been a bit puzzled by the identity of a plant that I obtained from Andreas Wistuba in 2000. Labelled as N. singalana Gunung Talakmau, I had initially thought that it might be a N. lavicola that got mixed up in a big order.

The plant suckers vigorously, and does not look like any of the N. singalana images that I've seen thus far. Largest rosette pitchers are ca. 8 cm tall, and are a muddy, almost black, olive green with a very narrow peristome. Pitchers are almost tubular, but somewhat bulbous at the base. Fairly long tendril, and glossy reddish leaves with a very fine hairy fringe on the leaves' edges.

Has anyone else had any experience with this clone/species from AW/TNN?