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Thread: When is it time to cut off a pitcher?

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    I have a small nepenthes spp. (dont ask, it came from home depot), I can post pics later if you want to see it.

    one of the pitchers is turning black. do I cut it off now?
    or does that mean something else? (infection, etc)
    It is also in the cup i got from home depot, that has a lid.
    and i think the lid if folding the pitcher.
    I will be repotting it soon, but the pitcher folded in half is the one turning black.
    so its just dying right?
    and all I should do is cut it off? where do I cut it?

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    Cut off when the pitcher has turned totally black. Sometimes only the upper portion dies back.
    It would be a good idea to get it out of the cup and into more space for a better air exchange. Be sure the air is humid and warm. Don't know where you plan to grow the Nepenthes, so check out some of the other threads here a petflytraps to get some feel for it.


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