I have had one of Geoff’s Sibu's for about 4-5 months now. *You can see what it looked like when I got it here:


Now, note that my conditions are mostly intermediate.

Although slow and not increasing in size, it has continued to produce leaves and tendrils for me, but as many have experienced, the pitchers did not form. *In *my case I would attribute this to lower humidity on the hot days (I get a matching reaction from one of my N. eustachya under the same conditions).

One interesting note is that in my conditions the plant has become VERY hard and leathery. *It’s quite unusual both in appearance and touch. *The leaves are very thick and almost plastic-like. *Certainly tougher than ANY other Nep I have.

Anyway, after 5 months it just happened to throw one tendril into the sphagnum moss in its pot. *It did not go very deep and the tendril bunched-up as it kept trying to elongate with nowhere to go. And at last...it looks to be going to pitcher with the tip turning back upright and starting to swell quite rapidly.

I'll try and grab a picture later.