Today while driving past cotton fields on my way home, I recalled the pictures Rob of Borneo Exotics posted of rajah in rows in a field. I began to wonder about the agricultural practices of such a field. Would one use a herbicide first to kill the "weeds" and seeds and then plant the Nepenthes or do you just plow the field and then hand weed later? Also, is soil erosion a problem and if so how do you combat that while allowing the water to drain? Or, is eroded ground (low in nutrient soils) really the best for Nepenthes? Do any of our readers from tropical climates grow Nepenthes in their gardens or on eroded spots in their land? Does an old Nepenthes plant in the wild build a soil from the litter it accumulates with its leaves and stem on the slope of a mountain? Or, do seeds only start a new plant when they hit a nice patch of developing soil/litter on a hill's slope. Lots of questions with only guesses on my part.