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Thread: Re: capslocks ventrata...

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    Don't have any pictures now but I suspect your plant is now around 7 inches tall and leaves at leat 9 inches and has been growing at a quick pace even though it isn't getting much light during this time of year(i set up a small fixture yesterday but it doesn't seem to help much). It hasn't opened any pitchers(and none of the tendrils minipitchers have shown any notable growth) so I think that thats its way of telling me it wants more light. Yesterday after watering I observed the "soil" and spotted a basal shoot! How long will it take for the shoot to grow up and produce pitchers. Would it be advisable to cut the main stem? Any way to get more basal shoots?

    I don't remember exactly when you sent the cutting but I think it must be almost a year old.
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    Don't cut it away (if you must) until it has some pitchers and has grown up a ways. If you don't really want to, leave it, then you'll have two plants in one plant's worth of soil. If it's a Ventrata, then i should think when the leaves exceed about 1/2 inch you should get some pitchers. The only way you get more offshoots is to keep growing the plant, i think the norm is about 1 per year.
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