Dear all,

I've just added the latest news to my, they're listed on the first page, but just to make you curious:

-the new taxon N. "Viking" was added to the conclusions so far;

-a few pics by Tom Kahl were added to the Phu Kradung note, in the northeast map;

-a new note and 3 pics of N. mirabilis, thanks to our thai agent Duke, were added to the Center Map;

-the new Nepenthes of Cambodia is online, together with a few pics and notes by Julien Gedrusiak;

-the new Vip bookmarks will show you how this website is becoming a point of reference for the whole planet;

-also a few new lines and pics about N. Viking, thanks to Nong, Duke and Shigeo Kurata, at the bottom of The Trip page

please, this site will find its best improvement in your contributions! Thanks!

Marcello Catalano