My first attempt at growing a Nepenthes has been a success so far. *I bought this a little over 2 months ago from a local nursery. *It has since nearly doubled in size and has nice healthy looking new growth that is nice and green with no spotting or yellowing. *The plant is in a West facing window and recieves about 4-5 hours of direct sun and the rest indirect light. *It is growing in a 6 inch hanging basket in pure cocoa peat. *I water every other day to every third day. *The temps are around 75 in the day and 65 at night with very low humidity 40 to 45%. *I feed it the occasional cricket or rollie Pollie and splement that with 2 or 3 Beta fish pellets every 3 weeks or so. *allthough it has grown alot, it has not produced a new crop of pitchers and has about 2/3 of the pitchers remaining from the crop it had when I bought it. *I'm hoping this is just an acclimation period and will start on a new crop soon. *Are there any things you expert Nep. growers would recommend that I'm not doing?

The first picture is of the entire plant with a 24 inch tape measure to give the idea of the size. (it has two growth points)

The second picture is of the new growth on one growth point. *Over 12 inches and several new leaves in 2 months. *

the third picture is of the other growth point with nearly 12 inches of new growth and several new leaves. *

I wanted to try an easy Nep. first and then possibly move on to some "Showier" or more difficult plants once I have the requirements down.