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Thread: Neps in the bog update

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    As you may or may not know I constructed a Nep bog-garden outside with west sun about 3 weeks ago. Everything has grown well and some are getting pitchers. Here is how everything is doing.
    N. coccienica (sp?) Degroot clone has turned a marvelous red color on most of its leaves and stems. This plant obcioslu loves the sun since only a few leaves burned.
    N. miranda has darker green leaves that seem to be more bronzed. Unfortunatly quite a few leaves burned but it does have a ton of them.
    N. alata 'Striped highland' has kept both pitchers and cought many milipeds and centipeds (nasty creatures that need to be eaten). No damage to the leaves at all.
    N. lowii has produced another pitcher and I beleve the more sun the faster it must grow.
    N. alata 'pink' burned some but is producing pitchers.
    N. vieillaridi 'Yellow pitchered version' has lightened the leaf color to a yellow-green but has pink fused in. NEw pitchers are growing rapidly. Soon it may break its three-pitcher-at-most streak.
    N. ventacosa is doing well. I think new pitchers are comming but this plant produces pitchers no matter what.
    N. 'Holland Hybrid' must certainly be the best proforming plant at this stage. from its two growth points 4 leaves have come out that are fuzzy as usual but bronze-red on top and green on the bottom. I think it should produce pitchers soon seeing how much it has grown. There is also zero burn ont he leaves.
    All other plants have not done much. Except the N. ventracosa x. maxima I just recieved in a rade had a little burning and I think the pitchers may die off but I has captured the most bugs yet. About half full. More then any of my sarrs or other neps.

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    This is an awesome idea and experiment! I would love to see some pics. Is this in ground or is it a freestanding mini bog (just wondering about wintering)? What did you fill the bog with, and what is the water level? I could go on and on, but I will wait!
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